Caregivers – You’re Not Alone

While there are many rewards to caregiving, throughout the process there is an unfolding reality of learning to “live with loss.” But, the good news is, you’re not alone!

Caregiving is emotionally, psychologically, and physically taxing and sometimes it feels very overwhelming.

I walked into the home of an elderly couple to talk with the caregiver. Her 81-year-old husband was becoming more and more difficult to deal with at home. His dementia symptoms were rapidly changing. Once a very calm, caring, and loving individual, he had become almost completely non-verbal and very anxious.

I asked, “How are you holding up.” The 80-year-old wife looking at me suddenly dropped her head downward as if to hide her face. But, just below her well-kept curly gray hair, I could see her eyes becoming red and tears began streaming down her aged cheeks. She whispered, “It’s getting very hard.”

For anyone who has ever been on the caregiving side of the aging process, you will likely be able to … [read more here Senior-Times-Article Nov-2018 Caregivers-You’re Not Alone ]

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